All about the Mintcake Mine shop.
So, what would you discover if you darkened the doorstep of the Mintcake Mine shop in Bowness on Windermere?

First of all we have Kendal Mint Cake. Loads of it!

Not surprising considering the name of the shop but new customers are often astounded by the choice we offer. We have, we believe, the most comprehensive collection of different sizes, shapes, packets, tins and slabs of Mint Cake available anywhere. If you just want to come and see a fascinating display of a proper local product you are more than welcome to come and have a look.
Kendal Mint Cake has been made locally (Kendal is a market town near to Bowness) for over 100 years. It has always been popular with tourists and visitors to the Lake District and expeditions around the planet. Historically it has been included in ration packs and supplied to explorers, becoming very famous after it was mentioned as a factor in the conquest of Everest. This created the idea of the first energy bar to be found in the rucksacks and pockets of walkers and climbers around the world but more than anything Mint Cake tastes really nice.
Mintcake is still made the same way and only has a few ingredients, essentially; SUGAR, WATER and MINT. Besides giving instant energy (there is a lot of sugar!) it can help some people with digestive problems, freshen breath and cheer you up.
Mint Cake is made with either white sugar or brown sugar. The white version is also dipped in dark chocolate to produce a product that is rather like a large after dinner mint.

Three companies make Kendal Mint Cake,



And Quiggins.

All their product lines are on display in our shop and prices start from only 55p.

Our Mint Cake suppliers also produce fudge, biscuits, rock, nougat and many other lines many of which come in gift boxes and packaging that reflects local scenery. These make ideal gifts and souvenirs of the Lake District.

One of our largest and most impressive displays is by “Bon Bons Traditional Hand-packed Sweets”.

This is a fascinating collection of old fashioned and brand new sweets, fudge, liquorice, chocolates and lollies. It brings back many memories from childhood as well as reminding customers of their favourite flavours. Beware! There is more packed into these bags than you think and once you start scoffing you can’t stop. Their Caramel and Sea Salt fudge should be banned, it is that good!

We are very friendly with “The Honeycomb Company” from Ellel near Lancaster and they provide us with top quality honey and a range of jams. Our favourites are honey with whisky, cut-comb honey and damson jam.

Claire Kent produces preserves locally and her “Claire’s Handmade” range is delicious. Try her Chilli Jam or Cumberland Sauce for a real treat.

“Maria’s Pantry” biscuits are another trusted supplier. As well as being really tasty and crunchy they also include gluten free and sugar free recipes in their range.

Not everything is edible in our shop, we have one of the biggest selections of greetings cards in town, all from small suppliers so they are just that bit different from those overpriced cards found in the big stores. Local postcards and even 3D cards are here too.

“Cardtoons” is a local company specialising in fun Lake District gifts. Their sheep themed mats, coasters and tea towels make us laugh. They are much better quality than some of the other “tourist gifts” to be found in the cheap shops nearer the lake and so are a much better buy.

We have a bit of sheep mania in The Mintcake Mine shop and found a little company called “Jomanda” who make soft sheep and teddies using a fantastic fabric that is described as “softer than a soft thing”. Their little sheep have loads of character and seem to be adopted rather than just bought.

We have lots of pocket money gifts for the kids, practical things like brollies and even sledges in the winter so please call in if you are visiting Bowness on Windermere.

PS. We are local and can give some good hints and tips about the Lake District if you need them.

The Mintcake Mine has developed from a daft idea about the "mysterious" origins of Kendal mint cake to a very popular spoof website and now into a great little shop in Bowness on Windermere. To see the original (and ever evolving) original website click