Buying guide and tasting notes.
Buying Guide
Obviously the best place to buy Kendal Mint Cake is at the Mintcake Mine shop but if you can’t pay us a visit you can purchase it from other shops around the country. As Kendal Mint Cake is made in the Lake District many local outlets sell it either on their counters or within their gift food displays. We do, however, advise caution. Check the sell by dates carefully, a 12-month date from manufacture is average but we find it gets harder as it gets older and doesn’t improve with age. Big stores and chains are most likely to have centrally stored their supplies before distribution and may not treat the product well before display. Newsagents may be a better bet because of their high turnover but even in Kendal you can see old yellowing bars in some of their windows. We take deliveries directly from the manufacturers who are only nine miles away from the shop itself and deliver weekly. Other outlets may use wholesalers or complicated supply chains so don’t be put off if your first taste of Kendal Mint Cake is a little disappointing, it tastes much better when it is fresh from the source!

Tasting Notes.
The Mintcake Mine is the world’s only specialist Kendal Mint Cake emporium. We sell a wide variety of products based on our favourite sweet treat…

Mintcake should feel fairly hard to the bite but crumble apart and then melt into a refreshing hit of cool minty goodness. There are lots of calories in a bar so it makes a great instant pick-me-up when walking, climbing or exercising etc.

White Kendal Mint Cake is made from refined white sugar, glucose syrup, water and lots of mint essence. It is probably the most widely recognised version.

Brown Kendal Mint Cake is just the same but brown sugar is used giving a darker marbled appearance. Some people detect a darker flavour but really there is little difference to the white in flavour.

Chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake. Nothing compliments Mintcake better than an envelope of chocolate!

Kendal Mint Cake with chilli flakes. A surprising combination but the heat of the chilli flakes is cooled by the refreshing taste of the Mintcake making each bite different.